April 24, 2021

Deper Swing Door Automatic Push Opener

Model NO.: DBS 100 Push
Certification: ISO9001, CE
Position: Commercial
Surface Finishing: Finished
Brand: Deper
City: Shanghai
State: China
Company: Manufacturer
Door Weight Bearable: 100 Kg
Trademark: Deper
Specification: CE, ISO 9001
Origin: China

Swing Auto-Door can be opened and closed automatically in any ordinary doors, it is widely used in offices, hospitals, commercial and industrial environments, simple and effective.

Characteristics and Function
1. Driving devices works with low noise,reliable performance,safety and brings living and working environment more convenience.
2. In case of meeting obstacles or personnel duning operation,the door will be opened to reverse direction.
3. Innovation in mechanical design offers fast and effective installation.
4. With sensors,access control,safety beam protection interfaces,configurate electric lock,power output interface.
5. Wireless remote open mode is optional.When necessary,please to configurate backup power for security requirements.
6. It can realize the interlock function between door and door.

Technical Parameters:
Door Configuration:Single leaf , Double leaf
Door leaf weight limit: 1x150kgs,2x120kgs
Clean open width:600-1800mm,1000-3000mm
Power supply: AC 220V±10%,  50-60Hz  2A
            AC 110V±10%,  50-60Hz  2A    
Power consumption: 65W
Opening speed: 200-500mm/s (adjustable)
Closing speed: 200-500mm/s (adjustable)
Hold -open time:0-9S
Manual force: <30N, <40N
Sliding noise: ≤ 55Db  
Environment temperature: -20ºC~+50ºC

Factory Pictures
Deper Swing Door Automatic Push Opener
Deper Swing Door Automatic Push Opener

1. It is very easy to install Ramming Pole Mounting System. You should insert vertical pillar into ground by Pile Driver. (The depth can reach 1500-2000mm).
2. High adaptability
The ramming pole mounting system can be widely used different geological conditions. Besides, the installation is free from seasonal change.
3. Environmental-friendliness 
There is no much preparation for installation and piles can be recycled. It had no damage and no corrosion to environment.
4. Ramming pole can be easily installed and removed.
5. The ramming pole mounting system areas with low rock content to reduce cost on base construction and to shorten installation time.

Single Ramming Pole Mounting System

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