April 24, 2021

Black Tiger Shark connects online and offline, and pays attention to the preferential information of miner hosting service anytime, anywhere

China Hardware Business Network Shenzhen Black Tiger Shark Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in providing a variety of mining machine hosting, providing customers with efficient and professional mining machine hosting, Ethereum mining machine-x367fc2n, mining machine hosting, etc. Since its establishment in 2017-08-02, the company adheres to the principle of "people-oriented" and adheres to the basic policy of "survive by quality and develop by credibility", and the company's performance is booming. Based in Guangdong Province, market-oriented, thinking about what customers want and what customers want.

Since its establishment in 2017-08-02, Shenzhen Black Tiger Shark Technology Co., Ltd. has been engaged in business services, other business services, and entrusted business areas. At present, branches and offices have spread across many cities and regions across the country. Established a product distribution and service network centered on Shenzhen and Futian District, covering the whole country. Extension details: We provide one-stop miner hosting service. We will select the most cost-effective mining machine for you. After the mining machine is shipped, it will be transported to the designated mine, and the equipment will be debugged by professional and technical personnel, and the mining will be scheduled to go online. Provide 24-hour uninterrupted real-time mining monitoring, open and transparent, so that you can understand the real-time mining progress and income through your mobile phone anytime, anywhere, and settle all monthly earnings with you at a fixed time every month. To allow customers zero-risk investment and ensure maximum returns for customers, customers can choose to purchase Black Tiger Shark professional mining machine separately. You can choose to purchase the Black Tiger Shark professional mining machine and put the mining machine in the Black Tiger Shark mine for hosting. It is installed by a dedicated person, and the professional staff provides 24-hour comprehensive care to deal with various hardware and software problems and solve the worries of the mine owner. The electricity fee is charged at 0.5 yuan / kWh, the management fee is 60 yuan / month, and the shelf fee is 15 yuan / unit. For the safety of the majority of mine owners, Black Tiger Shark Professional Mining Machine has established a strategic cooperation relationship with Inner Mongolia and Guizhou Big Data Science and Technology Park. The venue is regular and the electricity consumption is regular, which fully guarantees the interests of mine owners. Mining machine hosting is an additional service, and the party providing the mining machine hosting service does not make a commitment to the mining machine's computing power in the mining pool and the income from the mining pool. After the escrowed miners are delivered to the mine, they will be deployed in batches. The deployment time is about 3 to 5 working days. The mining machine hosting plan only accepts customers who have purchased the Black Tiger Shark mining machine, and non-brand mining machines will not accept hosting. China Hardware Business Network

For more details about mine hosting and mining machine hosting, please visit-:, or call our hotline:-learn more about Ethereum mining machine-information, our professional customer service staff will serve you wholeheartedly, thank you!
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'The Black Tiger Shark connects online and offline, and pays attention to the preferential information of the miner hosting service anytime, anywhere


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