April 24, 2021

Use foliar fertilizer to avoid these mistakes

The benefits of foliar fertilizer are not necessary for everyone, especially in the late stage of crop growth, the root activity is reduced, the ability to absorb fertilizer is reduced; or under stress conditions, such as soil drought, nutrient availability is low, nutrients can be replenished in time through foliar fertilization . At the same time, proper use, foliar fertilization can improve the quality of agricultural products. Fertilizer is a good fat, but there are still many shortcomings in the actual operation, can not play the role of foliar fertilizer very well, today, we will talk about the topic of foliar fertilizer for your reference.

Product selection to listen to advertising, wrong!

In the early stage of crop growth, in order to promote its growth and development, it is suggested that regulated foliar fertilizer should be selected. If the crop is lack of nutrients or the root absorption capacity declines in the late growth stage, nutritive foliar fertilizer should be used.

Spraying the concentration is not high, wrong!

Some friends think that the greater the concentration of the foliar spray solution, the better, which is not true. In a certain concentration range, the speed and quantity of nutrients entering the leaves increase with the increase of the concentration of the solution, but the concentration is too high and the fertilizer is easy to occur, especially the trace element fertilizer. The critical range between crop nutrition from lack to excess is narrow. It should be strictly controlled; foliar fertilizers containing growth regulators should also be sprayed strictly according to the concentration requirements to prevent damage caused by improper regulation. Fertilization is very similar to phytotoxicity, which can cause dehydration and wilting of crop leaves. Different crops have different concentration requirements for different fertilizers.

Recommendation: Generally, the most elements (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur) are used in a concentration of 500-600 times, trace elements iron, manganese and zinc are 500-1000 times, boron is 3000 times or more, and copper and molybdenum are 6000 times. the above.

As long as the "open" can be sprayed, wrong!

Many people have a wrong understanding. As long as the fertilizer is "turned on", it can be used as a foliar fertilizer. Actually, it is not. Such as very volatile fertilizers such as ammonia, ammonium bicarbonate, etc., if foliar fertilizer spray, high temperature will cause damage to crops after burning, burn the leaves, so can not be applied as foliar fertilizer. Moreover, many micro-fertilizers should not be mixed with pesticides . Acidic fertilizers and alkaline fertilizers should not be mixed and sprayed. It should be applied in combination with fertilizer-fertilizer and fertilizer-drugs, and it can be used as “one spray, multiple effects”. The role, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

It can be sprayed at any time, wrong!

Some farmers' foliar sprays can't catch the critical spraying period, so they don't achieve the desired results. Some farmers believe that foliar spray fertilizer can be applied at any time and at any time during plant growth and development, which is actually not true.

Recommendation: Foliar spray fertilizer is best carried out during the growth transition period of the crop. The spraying time is at least 20 days apart. Generally, the crop is sprayed 2~3 times per season. Different plants, different fertilizers, foliar spray fertilizer, there are certain differences in the appropriate period. Rice, corn, wheat and other cereal crops should be sprayed at the booting, flowering and filling stages. Soybeans, peanuts, broad beans, kidney beans and other legume crops should be sprayed during flowering and podging. Cotton should be sprayed at the flowering and ringing stage. Molybdenum fertilizer should be sprayed before the plants bloom. Boron fertilizer and zinc fertilizer have the best effect on the initial flowering stage of plants.

The time of fertilizer spraying can be arranged freely, wrong!

When fertilizing leaves, the longer the wetting time, the more nutrients are absorbed by the leaves, and the better the effect. Under normal circumstances, it is advisable to keep the blade moist time for 30~60 minutes. Therefore, foliar fertilization is best carried out in the windless weather in the evening. Spraying fertilizer in the morning with dew will reduce the concentration of the solution and affect the effect of fertilization. Foliar topdressing can't be carried out on rainy days or before rain, because nutrients are easily leached and can't reach the desired effect. If it rains 3 hours after spraying, it should be sprayed once every day, but the concentration should be reduced appropriately.

Spraying method is rude, not detailed, wrong!

Spray to the effective part. Foliar fertilization requires fine droplets and uniform spraying. Pay special attention to spraying on the back of the growing upper leaves and leaves, and apply the fertilizer to the young leaves of the plants and the back of the functional leaves, because of the metabolism of young leaves and functional leaves. Exuberant, the pores on the back of the leaf are several times larger than the above, which can absorb nutrients in the solution faster and improve nutrient utilization. It is not appropriate to spray only the leaf surface without spraying the leaf back, only spraying the old leaves and ignoring the young leaves, which will greatly reduce the fertilizer efficiency.

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