August 10, 2020

Home improvement search: four important keywords for a renovation contract

Choosing a decoration company is a very test of technology. If you choose a good one, the next construction will be all right. If you do not choose well, you will understand how you can see the rainbow without experiencing storms. In the process of choosing a decoration company, the most important thing is to sign a decoration contract, and all kinds of things in the future have to count on it. How to sign the decoration contract? In addition to agreeing on various details, there are four "key words" that must be noted.

One, Keywords: Employer

The first keyword is "the contractor". What is the contractor? The contractor may sometimes use Party A to replace the owner of the property. If the non-proprietorship is responsible for the decoration, then the non-proprietor must obtain the written consent of the owner, or the contractor can Prove that there is a decoration right for the house, otherwise the contract with the decoration company is deemed invalid.

Case practice: For example, her sister is inconvenient to directly contact the decoration in the field and entrust the younger sister to help her house in her name. At this time, my sister is generally unable to provide real estate certificates and other documents. The decoration company generally asks her sister to issue a certificate in written form. Prove that you have the right to decorate your house.

Second, Keywords: Contractor

After the contractor and the contractor are finished, it is natural for someone to send someone to pick up the bag. The two are relatively speaking. The contractor is more represented by Party B in the contract. This refers to the enterprise that must pass the approval of the administrative department for industry and commerce and has related qualifications for decoration.

Case practice: Before signing the contract, we must first understand in advance whether the decoration company has certificate of decoration construction qualification and related business certificate. If it is a contract signed with the branch company of the company, the signed contract needs to be stamped with the superior company of the branch company. Contract seal.

Third, keywords: construction representatives

This third keyword is "construction representative." The construction representative is the part of the home improvement that is relatively prone to disputes. The main issue is the authority of the construction representative. The construction representative is the contractor (Party B) assigned the full responsibility for the performance of the contract. According to the requirements, the construction site is represented by the resident site representative. The construction representative is obliged to promote the quality, quantity, and completion of the project. If the construction representative is replaced, the contractor (Party B) needs to promptly notify the contracting party (Party A).

Practical case: In the construction process, there are often contract changes, design changes, project payments, etc. At this time, the construction representative has no right to represent the decoration company (contractor) as a commitment, and the construction representative can feedback the opinions of Party A to the company. Party A shall confirm with the official seal of the decoration company and the signature of the legal representative.

Fourth, keywords: construction workers

The last is the specific operator of the construction of the renovation, construction workers. When it comes to construction workers, special attention should be paid to "lower baskets." What is next? It means that the owner did not communicate with the decoration company, but directly agreed with the corresponding construction personnel or management personnel to change the construction project, for example, increase or decrease some construction projects. If problems arise, the owner is generally responsible for it. If the decoration company suffers losses, the owner should also give a certain amount of compensation.

Case practice: In order to save time, the owner usually communicates directly with the construction staff to change the construction project. If there is a problem, then the decoration company is not responsible for maintenance. Therefore, during the renovation process, problems should be found in a timely manner. Avoid this situation of leaving the cage.

Decoration contract decoration construction knowledge

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