August 11, 2020

How should the hardware be purchased so that it will not be pitted?

From the wardrobe doors and windows to the bathroom kitchen, although the hardware is small, it is essential for the family. For these household products, the key factor in determining the service life is the hardware, so the purchase of hardware is crucial in the decoration process. But the problem is that many young people are completely ignorant of hardware products. What are the hardware items? How to choose not to be pitted? I believe this is a big annoyance for many people in the renovation process.

In line with the purpose of serving the people, the following small series will introduce you to the selection of several hardware.

First, the lock

The importance of door locks for home security is self-evident. If you don't want the thief to steal the door, the key card can't come out in the lock, or the door can't open the unlucky things like this, it's best to choose a lock with high performance in all aspects.

The better locks on the market today are copper core locks. However, it should be noted that some of the cores are made of plastic. Only a layer of copper is placed on the core. These locks look almost the same in appearance, but the price varies greatly. Some people think that they are cheap. In fact, the purchase is not a copper core lock at all. In addition, the copper lock is muted, and the iron is not muted. The smaller the sound, the better the sound.

Second, hinge

The hinge is the hinge that we usually call, the connection between the door and the door frame, the window and the window frame. The choice of the hinge directly determines whether your door and window performance is good. Imagine a door and window that can't be opened and closed freely, and always screaming in your home. How can life be so "so cute?"

The hinge is formed by connecting the blade and the pin shaft, and can be divided into a flat hinge, a spring hinge, and the like according to the use. It is better to use alloy or cold-rolled steel for one-time stamping, which is thick and smooth to touch, and the rear door is easy to install, and some are damped. Here, the flat hinge is taken as an example. The quality of the flat hinge is mainly determined by the quality of the bearing. Generally speaking, the larger the bearing diameter and the thicker the wall, the better the hinge. In addition, you can also test the quality of the hinge by experiment: the hand flats the hinge piece, let the other piece slide freely, and the speed is even and slow.

Third, handle

Compared with the first two, the choice of the handle is wider, the style is more, and the quality is more uneven. Therefore, the choice is more difficult. From the material point of view, copper, stainless steel is a little better, alloy, electroplating is second. However, the all-stainless steel and the plated stainless steel appearing on the market now look almost the same. If the user has doubts during the purchase process, they can be distinguished by a magnet.

In addition, the user can also choose according to the fixing method of the handle. The handle is generally fixed by screws and glue. Some people may choose to glue for convenience or fear of damage to the furniture, but it is not strong enough. Therefore, Xiao Bian still recommends that you choose a screw-fixed handle.

In addition to the above mentioned, household hardware also includes bathroom accessories, pulley doors and so on. Consumers must polish their eyes during the purchase process, and must not be cheap, try to use products with higher visibility, compare goods in the purchase process, and finally buy the satisfactory hardware products.

Editor in charge: Liu Jiehui

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