April 24, 2021

2011 new start to see the expansion plan of high-grade stone

The downturn in the housing market has directly affected the renovation needs of engineering and home furnishing, which has exerted great pressure on the production and sales of the stone industry, which has slowed the growth of sales revenue of the stone industry. At the same time, the main energy and natural gas prices consumed by the stone industry are also high, and the cost of products continues to rise, which makes it difficult to increase the sales price, and the profitability of the stone industry is constrained. In the face of the above problems and difficulties, in order to cooperate with the high-end brands of stone enterprises to become the development strategy of leading brand status and the overall business objectives of improving operational efficiency and profitability, what should high-end stone brand enterprises do? The high-end products market is in the high-end products market. Based on the initial establishment and improvement of professional sales channels, we will develop new channels, add professional design institutes, design high-end brands for home improvement stone enterprises, and establish high-end brand architects and designer clubs for stone enterprises in major cities to form professionalized Network; in the large and medium-sized cities of China, Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Chongqing and other places have launched online group purchases and network promotion, increase horizontal sales channels, and provide comprehensive sales, service and technical support by using sales and service centers covering the whole country. Consolidate the existing high-end market share and maintain stable performance growth. The mid-range product market is in the mid-range product market. The company focuses its key resources on commercial investment projects, large-scale real estate chains, fine-decorated homes and affordable housing renovation projects. At the same time, in the retail market, enterprises will use the existing high-end product market channels. Resources quickly establish a sales network for mid-range products. In terms of operational improvement, we will increase strategic cooperation including chain building materials hypermarkets. How to develop a market for high-end stone Foreign market development plan The high-end brand of stone enterprises will make full use of the platform of the international metropolis, give full play to the existing resources of the existing brands and global customer resources, and increase the development of the international market. Future development of new markets The high-end brands of stone enterprises have begun to cooperate with national research institutes and professional colleges to develop ultra-thin stone, environmentally-friendly exterior wall insulation stone bricks, precision ceramic products and waste recycling technology. International business plan The high-end brand of stone enterprises will strive to open up the international market on the basis of consolidating the domestic market. The high-end brands of stone enterprises have introduced relevant professional talents, oriented to the international market, focusing on the development and design of environmentally friendly and functional products in line with international consumption trends, and adopting cooperation with foreign manufacturers to carry out international operations.  

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