April 24, 2021

Integrity-based, steady operation - Shanghai Juli Diamond Tools

Diamond dressing roller is a high-efficiency forming wheel dressing tool. It is suitable for grinding wheel dressing of high-precision forming surface. Our company uses synthetic diamond electroforming method and natural diamond sintering method to produce all kinds of rollers. The diamond wheel is used to trim the forming grinding wheel, which has the advantages of quick dressing speed, long service life, simple operation, large size of the workpiece to be processed, and stable roughness. Diamond and cubic boron nitride grinding wheels are suitable for the processing of hard alloys and hardened materials, which can ensure the production of workpiece profiles in batches with consistent accuracy.

Shanghai Juli Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest manufacturers in China that integrates the design and manufacture of diamond rollers and CBN grinding wheels. Our factory-oriented business mechanism policy, applied science and technology, after a long period of exploration and trial production, accumulated a wealth of practical experience, designed and manufactured various types of diamond rollers and grinding wheels for many production users, has been widely used in aerospace, Machinery, piston rings, bearings, textiles, corrugated rolls, valves, hydraulic pumps and other industries have made it a great economic benefit.  

Aluminium Extrusion Profile

Aluminium Extrusion Profile

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