October 29, 2020

Do not know the classification of road barriers

Chongqing traffic barriers can be seen everywhere in the cities we live in. It is generally installed on both sides of the road and in the middle of the road. It protects the safety of vehicles and pedestrians, and makes the city become well-organized.
Chongqing traffic barriers are classified according to materials and can be divided into steel traffic barriers and steel traffic barriers. Their characteristics are bright colors, beautiful appearance, smooth surface, high strength, good toughness, good corrosion resistance, anti-ultraviolet radiation, not easy to fade, and not easy to crack. It is not easy to embrittle, it is the most decorative effect of the barrier products, applicable to the middle of the road in the city. The clean and spacious streets and bright and colorful traffic barriers in Chongqing reflect each other and build a beautiful landscape, adding beautiful brilliance to the city where we live.

The Xunda Polypropylene Bitumen Tape is a cold applied coating system designed for the corrosion protection water, oil gas underground or aboveground pipelines and waterproofing for the roof, tank , culverts etc. The Polypropylene Bitumen Tape consists of a polypropylene fiber woven  backing laminated with rubberized bitumen .

Xunda Liquid Adhesive can be used as primer for this system. It provides a strong  cohesive bond to the primed steel surface.

The Polypropylene Bitumen Tape can be applied by hand or with a wrapping machine.

Polypropylene Bitumen Tape

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