October 29, 2020

Luo Shaming: Promoting the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry with cloud manufacturing

Abstract Cloud manufacturing, as a new production mode, is a product of big data, cloud computing, Internet, intelligent manufacturing and Internet of Things technologies used in industrial manufacturing and further expansion into circulation and consumption. In the era of big data, big data is a resource, capital, and more valuable &l...
As a new production mode, cloud manufacturing is a product of big data, cloud computing, Internet, intelligent manufacturing and Internet of Things technologies used in industrial manufacturing and further expansion into circulation and consumption. In the era of big data, big data is a resource, capital, and a valuable driving force for “information power” and “Made in China 2025”. The essence of cloud manufacturing is the deep integration of industrialization and informatization. The core of cloud manufacturing is intelligent manufacturing. The former is more extensive and the service chain and value chain are longer. In order to adapt to the new demand for structural reform on the supply side, it is necessary to drive innovative product design, intelligent manufacturing, and intelligent services through big data to improve product quality, production efficiency and cost, enhance enterprise competitiveness, and carry intelligent industrial products as carriers. The industrial Internet business of the ecosystem surrounding the service products has achieved the goal of opening up new markets and business models. Through the 360-degree panoramic digital perspective, Industrial Big Data provides predictive self-maintenance and decision support analysis for the manufacturing industry, and promotes intelligent industry adaptive, self-sensing, self-regulating and zero-cutting, zero-emission, zero-maintenance, and intelligent supply. chain.
Luo Shaming, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, deputy chairman of the Fujian Provincial Committee and vice chairman of the Quanzhou Municipal CPPCC, believes that in addition to Beijing, Hangzhou and Shenzhen, the establishment of a well-distributed industrial big data center across the country to promote China's cloud manufacturing is conducive to implementation. “Made in China 2025” realizes the theme of innovation and transformation, focusing on improving quality and efficiency, focusing on the integration of industrialization and informatization, focusing on industrial symbiosis, collaborative innovation, intelligent manufacturing, brand upgrading, service value-added and green development. Orientation, speeding up the creation of an innovative manufacturing powerhouse; facilitating the development of green manufacturing systems and product lifecycle management; helping to improve industrial design and development of "Internet +" manufacturing; facilitating the integration of online and offline, manufacturing and services The combination of technology, market and industry, and industry and finance. In response, he made the following recommendations:
Governments at all levels and credit bureaus in China should consider establishing industrial big data center projects with reasonable regional distribution as soon as possible in the planning, and start the project construction to meet the precision, high-end, automation, informationization and personalization of local manufacturing industries. Service development needs. We will do a big job in the industrial big data centers in Shenzhen, Beijing, and Hangzhou, and provide financial support in terms of financial support and staffing in the construction of each center, and reflect public welfare and publicity as much as possible. The post-marketization operation of the center should seek some commercial projects to facilitate the non-profit operation of the center. Promote the healthy development of e-commerce, industrial internet and internet finance through industrial big data centers. Jointly support the digitalization, interconnection, intelligence, low carbonization, high value, security, creativity, clustering, branding, technology, green, and service of “Made in China 2025”, accelerate cloud manufacturing and promote manufacturing in China. The pace of transformation and upgrading of the industry.
Accelerate the construction of China's "industrial broadband". Explore the establishment of the “Internet of Things + Intelligent Analysis Platform” big data innovation value system, allowing the massive industrial entities to rely on the information infrastructure to achieve interconnection. In all industrial parks, we must speed up the construction of the wireless network environment, do a good job in the planning and application of the Internet of Things and data centers, and connect with the "industrial broadband" to accelerate the formulation of relevant standards for industrial network access specifications, interactive technologies and security technologies. . Encourage innovation and entrepreneurship everywhere to become an active force in the data ecosystem, so that the entire process of collecting, summarizing, parsing, sorting, analyzing, forecasting, making, and distributing industrial big data in China is more scientific and full. Actively integrate, explore, and utilize industrial big data resources across China, and continuously improve the tools, technologies, and methods of CPS (Information Physics System), and promote more unmanned workshops and smart factories to improve the economic hard power level of green upgrades.
Support colleges and universities to cultivate composite big data talents. Encourage universities, research institutes and enterprises all over the world to systematically introduce international leaders and talents of big data innovation and cloud manufacturing to form systematic, comprehensive, timely and high-quality big data management and analysis, according to market and consumer supply needs. The product structure and function are adjusted to provide differentiated, flexible and customized data services for the manufacturing industry. Cloud manufacturing combines manufacturing and service, extends the industrial chain, promotes open sharing of software and services, design and manufacturing resources, key technologies and standards, and enhances the ability to apply big data in cloud manufacturing. The government supports the promotion of the joint office model of “double-creative” enterprises in various places, enabling Yungongfang to better share industrial big data; supporting the management and application of big data in various places, and strengthening the precise extension of industrial cloud supply chain management and service chain.

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