October 29, 2020

What is the timing socket timing socket brand which brand is good

With the advancement of science and technology, many things in life have become technologies that make people's lives more convenient. Today, Xiao Bian wants to introduce you to the contents of the timer socket , then what is the timing socket , timing socket which brand is better? Let's take a look with Xiao Bian!

What is a timing socket

The outlet is a must-have item for every household. It can turn on and off the electrical power of the home. One of the outlets is a timing socket. The difference between the socket and the regular socket is that it has its own timing function and has a time number on the switch panel. Display, set time button, and indicator light, etc.

Timer socket features

Timed switch sockets can be divided into functionally and mechanically. Mechanical timed switch sockets are generally composed of knobs, oil boxes, contact reeds, contact wheels, and resistance plates. They use the principle of timepieces to communicate regularly. Broken. The time setting of the electronic time switch socket can be from 1 second to 168 hours. Every day we can set 20 groups, and it has multiple control functions. The one-time setting can be effective for a long time, and it is very suitable for various industrial electrical appliances and home appliances, etc. It is not only convenient, but also saves money.

Which brand of timing socket is good


The bull is currently the leading brand of switch sockets in China. The brand is already well-known, and it can provide smart, convenient, comfortable and safe electricity for the family. Bull has a wide variety of switch sockets, one of which is the timing socket. The product uses the imported pc material, which can fully prevent flame retardancy and have a long service life. Its internal material uses a phosphor bronze nickel plating process, which not only has good conductivity, but also has excellent insulation spark, oxidation resistance, and anti-wear properties, making it a good choice for home use.


The Schneider outlet brand is also very good. It is headquartered in France and was founded in the 19th century. It is an electrician company dedicated to providing users with safe, reliable and efficient energy. The Schneider switch is of good quality, simple in appearance, and easy to use, but the price is much higher than that of other brands, and the price/performance ratio is not very high.

3.TCL (Legrand)

TCL- Legrand is headquartered in France, it is engaged in intelligent building systems and global electrical companies, TCL switch is also an old brand, some of the product is the use of pc material, safe, reliable, user-friendly design, easy to use, The only drawback is that the price is relatively high, and the relative cost is not reasonable.

4. Flying eagle

Feidiao Electric Group Co., Ltd. is the top ten electrician brand and one of the top ten brands of switch sockets. The time switch sockets produced by this brand are of good quality and safety. It is one of the most valuable brands in the domestic building materials industry. , scientific research, import and export trade, service in one of the large modern private enterprises.

5. Simon

Simon Electric was founded in Spain in 1916. It is one of the world's largest manufacturers of professional switches and lamps. Now it is a switch socket of the top ten brands. Nearly 100 patents have been obtained in China. Domestic forefront.

The above is a brief introduction about timing sockets and what brand of timing socket cards are good. I believe we all know what we have seen after reading it! The use of timing sockets is much more convenient than ordinary sockets. The most important thing is that they are safe and reliable, and they are more reliable to use. If you want to know other related information, please continue to pay attention to this site, more exciting so stay tuned!

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