October 29, 2020

Lhasa urban wood market will officially start relocation on April 6

China board trading network news:

On the 2nd, Lhasa City organized the businesses engaged in business activities such as log, plate sales, and wood rough processing within the urban area to visit Lhasa City's timber trading market to further establish the determination and confidence of the merchants in the new market and prepare for the drawing of the resettlement work.

Relocation and relocation of timber trading market is an important part of Lhasa's top 10 professional market governance. It is an important measure taken by the Lhasa Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government to promote the construction of modern urban governance. The Municipal Party Committee requires all levels and departments to effectively improve their understanding of ideas and focus on the current Based on long-term, strengthened communication and close cooperation, we will accelerate construction progress, improve market infrastructure construction and comprehensive service capabilities, and improve the overall management and operation level of the city's timber trading market.

On the same day, the staff of the departments of industry and commerce, taxation, education, etc. also answered questions on the spot for the merchants and won the praise of the merchants.

It is understood that Lhasa City timber trading market is located in the Daban Industrial Park, covering 367.5 acres, is the largest, most standard, most professional timber market in Lhasa today. Lhasa urban wood market will officially start relocation on April 6.

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Cutting Machine for Rebar Splicing

GQ40/GQ50/GQ60 cutting machine for rebar splicing is an ideal equipment for cutting.

It is a special type cutting machine, the incision cut by this machine is round, flat, no U-shape, suitable for threading directly. So it is a matching machine for Rebar Thread Rolling Machine

Main Features of Rebar Cutting Machine

1. Incision is rounded, straight, non-angular, flat without angle.

2. Adopt splash lubrication, machine parts are lubricated well, it could continuous work two months after adding gear oil one time.

3. Machine structure is upgraded from double reduction to triple reduction, the shear strength is powerful.

Rebar Cutting Machine

Main Technical Parameter


GQ40 GQ50 GQ60





Motor Power

3.0KW 4.0KW 5.5KW

Motor Speed

2880r/min 2880r/min 2880r/min

Punching Frequency

32times/min 32times/min 27times/min

Cutting Nominal Stroke

34mm 34mm 44mm

Cutting Common Carbon Steel




Cutting Deformed Bar

14-28mm 14-32mm 16-40mm

Cutting Max Flat Steel




Cutting Max Square Steel

32*32mm 40*40mm 50*50mm

Cutting Max Angle Steel

50*50mm 63*63mm 75*75mm








Rebar Cutting Machine

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