February 28, 2021

How old is the renovation of the old floor?

Although the texture of the wood floor is clear and the foot feels comfortable, it will inevitably cause discoloration, fluffing, deformation, etc. after use for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to refurbish it so as not to affect the beauty of the home. How can the old floor be refurbished ? How much is the old floor renovation? Let's take a look with Xiao Bian!

How to refurbish the old floor:

1, how to renovate the old floor --- polished floor

First use a floor refurbished machine to remove 1-2 mm of surface layer several times, then use 40-, 80-, and 120-mesh sandpaper of different thicknesses to sand three times in sequence. The larger the mesh, the smaller the sandpaper particles and the The smaller the mark, the smoother the surface.

2, how to refurbish the old floor --- puttying

After the floor is polished, first apply a layer of putty powder to level the floor, and then apply a layer of transparent primer putty powder, then wait for it to dry.

3, how to renovate the old floor --- brush primer, color processing

After applying the putty powder, apply a primer or color treatment to the floor. Because the texture of the solid wood surface is natural and cannot be changed, the depth of the floor color can only be adjusted during construction.

4, how to renovate the old floor --- paint brush

After the primer is dry, apply the top coat and dry it again. Grind it with water-sand paper to grind the floor surface to a bit rough. Then remove the dust and brush the second coat.

5, how to renovate the old floor --- wax polishing maintenance

After the top coat dries out, it is waxed and polished with a professional waxing equipment.

Old floor renovation note:

1, before the renovation of clean room furniture

Before the renovation, the furniture in the house should be removed so that it can not protect the furniture and it is also convenient for construction.

2, should choose a special floor paint

Water-based environmental protection paints are used for renovations. However, when selecting paints, it is necessary to check the product's wear resistance and product test certificates to ensure that good-quality products are purchased.

3, floor brushing times

When refurbishing, apply a layer of primer and apply the top coat twice. If there is flaw after polishing, you should brush the primer several times according to the situation.

How much is the old floor renovation?

The refurbishment price of the old floor has no uniform requirement and will be affected by external factors such as the level of damage caused by labor, area, and floor. If the floor damage is not significant, the refurbishment offer will be about 100 yuan, and the installation quotation will be about 400-600 yuan. .

The article concludes: How to refurbish the old floor and how much money you need to renovate the old floor is introduced here. If you need to know more information, please continue to pay attention to this site. We will have more exciting content.

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