February 28, 2021

What are the characteristics of Southeast Asian decoration style Southeast Asian decoration style

Different decoration styles show the effect of the room is not the same. In recent years, the decoration style of Southeast Asia has been popular, and the brown, brown and rattan materials unique to Southeast Asian style home furnishings have brought a sense of thickness to the visual. Modern life needs fresh and simple to reconcile. How to avoid the light and create a lighter Southeast Asian "window"? What are the characteristics of Southeast Asian decoration style ? Let me answer all the questions for you.

Southeast Asian decoration style

The Southeast Asian style adopts the design of local ethnic characteristics and exquisite culture, and is suitable for successful people who like quiet and cultural cultivation. Extensive use of wood and other natural materials, such as: rattan, bamboo, stone, bronze, dark wood color furniture, partially using some golden wallpaper, silk texture fabrics, light changes reflect a sense of stability and luxury.

Obviously there are: Big red Southeast Asian classic lacquerware, gold and red masks, metallic lighting, copper chandeliers with rough textures, etc. These are all ethnic features that allow space to exude an exotic atmosphere. At the same time, it can also make space Zen full.

Southeast Asian decoration style

1, with color, bold

The biggest feature of Southeast Asia's decoration style is the use of bold colors, using natural rattan, bamboo, stone and other materials to decorate, highlighting a simple, natural beauty.

2, the original nature

This style is characterized by its original nature and advocacy by hand. In terms of styling, it is mainly composed of symmetrical wooden structures; the video wall uses banana leaf sandstone shapes to create a rich tropical atmosphere. From the color point of view, with warm and elegant neutral colors as the main part, dotted with bright red, natural warmth without losing passion and gorgeous. From the material point of view, the use of wallpaper, solid wood, diatom mud, etc., interpretation of the original natural tropical style.

3, furniture series

In the configuration of furniture, the selection of atmospheric gold pomelo furniture, the line is concise and concise + Auspicious pattern, it is worth everyone to savor. In accessories, bright colors, unique Southeast Asian elements, so that the room exudes a touch of warmth.

4, home design

Southeast Asian decoration style characteristics are mainly reflected in the home design, with the natural beauty of tropical rain forest + strong national characteristics swept the world. Especially in the Pearl River Delta region, it is even more sought after. The popularity of the Southeast Asian design style is due to its unique charm and tropical style over the popular minimalist style.

5, features, materials

The decoration style of Southeast Asia also features materials. Due to its tropical location, furniture in South Asia is mostly sourced locally. For example, Indonesia's Fujima, the hyacinths in the rivers of Lehia, seaweed, and Thailand's veneer all exude a strong natural flavor.

6, wood tone

The decoration style of Southeast Asia is in color, mainly in dark colors such as natural wood tones or browns; visually, the proper embellishment of rustic logs and fabrics will not only appear monotonous, but will make the atmosphere quite active. South Asian furniture features a simple and neat design that creates a cool, comfortable feel for the furniture.

7, beautiful, gorgeous

The most worthy mention of Southeast Asian homes is the beautiful Thai. Because it is located in the tropics and the climate is hot and humid, in order to avoid the boring space, the exaggerated colors are used in the decoration to break through the dullness of the vision; the gorgeous colors are actually the colors of nature, and the return of color to nature is also the characteristic of South Asian homes.

Editor's summary: The above is about Southeast Asian decoration style introduction, Southeast Asian style is a combination of Southeast Asian ethnic characteristics and exquisite cultural quality design combined with unique charm. If you like this style of decoration, you may wish to boldly try it!

Southeast Asian decoration style

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