February 28, 2021

The decoration costs are controlled by what constitutes the decoration cost

In the renovation of the house, many people did not do a good job in controlling the decoration costs . Most people exceeded the budget. So, how do we control the decoration costs ? What constitutes the decoration costs ? The following small series simply for everyone to introduce.

Decoration costs control

1. During the construction process, do not follow the advice of the contractor, change the materials every day, and decorate it in strict accordance with the budget. The cost of such renovation will not increase so much.

2. In the process of renovation, the owners according to the actual area of measurement to calculate the cost of renovation, do not calculate the cost of renovation building area. You need to know what materials are for your decoration and what materials are for the decoration company. Don't repeat payment. And it is best to keep the designer's budget list at the time, to prevent the designer from working on the materials and construction work.

3. The purchase cost of materials accounts for a large proportion of renovation costs , and the prices of different brands of materials are also different, and some spreads are even several times different. Therefore, the cost of purchasing materials should be well controlled. Before buying materials, the industry mainly knows what kind of style they want to decorate, what kind of decoration materials to buy, because each type of decoration material has the upper, middle, and lower levels.

4. As with the same brand of material, especially ceramic materials, the quality of sales under normal conditions is no different. The big difference is the appearance, like tiles, the appearance of each has its own merits, the price will be different. When purchasing materials, the prices of some special products will be more than half of the price, and there is no problem with their normal quality.

5. In the specific holidays, most of the home building materials market is doing activities, and activities are relatively large. Therefore, when buying decoration materials, you may wish to wait for holidays and business activities to purchase them again. At this time, the cost of purchasing decoration materials can be saved by about half.

6. When the owner is looking for a decoration company, he must first determine the grade of his own home decoration. If it is the decoration of small and medium-grade decoration, you can look for small and medium-sized decoration companies because the cost of large-scale renovation companies is high and the fees will be high. It is best not to look for contractors during the renovation, because there will be many problems in the construction process, and the quality of the construction is not guaranteed.

What constitutes the decoration cost?

1. Some furniture: lamps, sofas, tea sets, dining tables, beds, refrigerators, etc.

2. Electric appliances: water heaters, air conditioners, exhaust fans, gas stoves, smoking machines, etc.

3. The cost of hydropower line reconstruction

4. Floor, floor tiles, cabinet wall, cabinets, floor waterproof, bathroom toilets, sinks, bidets, etc.

5. Wall paints, coatings, hardware materials, etc.

6. Balcony Tiles, Balcony Stones, Cabinet Tiles, etc.

7. Curtains and their accessories, as well as their installation costs, installation fees for lighting fixtures, sanitary ware, etc.

8. Security door

9. Some size decorations

These are the components of most of the renovation costs and are for reference only.

Article Summary: Want to decorate easily and save money, the above components of the decoration costs control and decoration costs must be understood. This will not be so much trouble to decorate the house, but also to decorate their own satisfaction. I hope that Xiaobian's explanation can help everyone.

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