February 28, 2021

What is the effect of a sleep ventilator, and what are the brands?

What is the effect of a sleep ventilator, and what are the brands? Normal people occasionally have apnea during sleep, but generally do not cause too much damage to the human body. Only when such apnea occurs frequently, can cause a series of clinical manifestations due to multiple occurrences of hypoxia and repeated patient awakening from sleep, medically known as sleep apnea syndrome. For sleep-related apnea-related cardiac ischemia and hypoxia, simple oxygen inhalation and night-time vasodilator drugs can not achieve therapeutic purposes, nasal airway positive pressure ventilation to remove sleep apnea is the ideal treatment.
Common angina pectoris and myocardial infarction are caused by acute ischemia and hypoxia of wyiqacyil myocardium. Nighttime hypoxemia caused by sleep apnea, elevated blood pressure, increased heart rate, and hemodynamic changes can lead to ischemia and hypoxia. It is not difficult to understand that sleep apnea syndrome can aggravate or induce angina or myocardial infarction. Prang Medical's sleep ventilator is the ideal way to use positive pressure ventilation to expand the airway and reduce the apnea caused by snoring.


(Prang Medical Brand--S9600 S/T Double Level Ventilator)

Benefits of the S9600 S/T Dual Level Ventilator:

1, sleep w22svlw snoring, respiratory obstruction, apnea, dry mouth, hypopnea, hypoxia, lethargy and other symptoms will be eliminated;

2. Eliminate all hidden dangers of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases caused by hypoxia, and ensure health and recovery;

3, their sleep can be restored, and the lover and family members who have been plagued by the patient's snoring for a long time are saved, and the quality of sleep of the whole family is guaranteed.

4, full of energy, no longer sleepiness, health return, you can have more energy for work, life, social activities;

5, the use of ventilators is more than the long-term stagnation of the disease leading to prolonged life, for the elderly who have suffered from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases have a long-term life significance.

S9600 S/T dual level ventilator features:
● Working mode: CPAP, S, S/T, T
● Air leakage compensation: pressure dynamic monitoring compensation, flow rate dynamic monitoring compensation ● heating and humidification integration, significantly reducing the discomfort caused by the patient's nose drying ● full Chinese color screen large screen real-time display of a variety of breathing parameters ● multi-parameter alarm: mask off Alarm, suffocation alarm, high respiratory rate alarm, low respiratory rate alarm
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