October 29, 2020

Ecological murals practical ecological mural prices how count

I believe that many people still do not know what an ecological mural is. Is it a simple mural? The answer is NO. To be exact, it is a perfect combination of ecological fish tanks and furniture. It can be used as a decoration, but also has three functions: physical filtration, biological filtration, and chemical filtration. It can effectively eliminate fish excretions, as well as exclude underwater dead leaves, and fish that have not finished feed. Is the following specific look at the use of ecological murals ? How to calculate the price of murals?

Is ecological fresco practical?

For this issue, Xiao Bian here first tells you the answer is yes. Why? Below we can look at what kind of advantages and effects it has.

(A) The advantages of ecological murals

1, high-tech content

First of all, from a scientific perspective, it is a high-tech product that not only decomposes fish's excrement, inhibits harmful bacteria, but also breeds beneficial bacteria that are suitable for aquatic plants and fish, and balances the ecology to make the water clear and transparent. And there is no need to change water all year long.

2, exquisite design

In terms of design, all of its devices are designed inside the mural so that the entire product can be compact and space-free. Automatic temperature control devices, automatic water circulation devices, and remote control devices are used.

3, good visual effect

From the visual aspect, ecological fresco is also a very good decoration, because it is not only a variety of shapes and sizes, but also can be tailor-made, and the frame is full of varieties, different styles, solid wood decorative surface , metal decorative surface, imitation marble, jade, granite decorative surface, and a wide array of various types of rimmed frame.

4, a wide range of applications

In fact, it is not just a home decoration, but also some public places, such as hotels, restaurants, restaurants, shopping malls, entertainment karaoke, meeting venues, enterprises and institutions, stations, airports, etc., in short, its existence can be said to be Not at all.

(B) The role of ecological murals

1. It is conducive to improving spiritual enjoyment and can cultivate people's sentiments and enhance their fun.

If there is such a decoration at home, it can eliminate the annoyance of people's work, because the tropical fish in the ecological murals are strange, colorful, colorful, can give people a visual enjoyment. At the same time, it will be complemented with appropriate utensils, bonsai, flowers, and rockery. It will not only add a quiet and elegant atmosphere, make the environment more elegant and clean, but also make people pleasing to the eye, relaxed and happy, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying the soul and cultivate sentiment. Therefore, it is also known as "live poetry, moving painting."

2, natural humidification, energy saving and power saving

In addition to the above functions, it also has the function of natural humidification, energy saving and power saving. Because the water in the ecological murals continuously evaporates into the indoor air, the humidity of the dry air increases, and compared with the warmer, it has the advantages of even humidity, energy saving, and the like.

How to calculate the price of ecological murals

Since it not only has significant advantages but also has different roles, many people want to buy. What is the price of ecological murals? In general, it is based on the square to calculate the price.

Conclusion: I believe we read the relevant information after the introduction of ecological fresco whether it is practical to be aware of it, so if you want to also like, it may wish to give their own home an upgraded version of the decoration, so that families enjoy it every day Beautiful picture!

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