December 05, 2020

Zhi Rent Locker APP Installation Instructions Smart Rent Locker APP Registered Charges Explained

How to register smart rental locker APP? How to use Smart Locker APP? How to charge? In the era of sharing economy, shared smart door locks are not out of the way. The Smart Rent Locker App developed by Shanghai Duo Ling Technology has been launched on the Android and iOS versions. The APP is based on the Doring Technology IoT Smart Door Lock and introduces a new sharing model service. Can let users use the lower consumer experience can only door lock the convenient and high quality service, the following will introduce the basic method that the Zhi Rent Locker APP registers to use. KBH Smart Lock China

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Smart Rental Locker APP download and installation instructions

Zhi Rent Locker APP Android version download address: Link "" Application Bao search "Smart Rent Locker" KBH smart lock China

Zhi Rent Locker APP for Apple iOS Download: Link" (Apple App Store Search "Smart Rent Locker") KBH Smart Lock China

According to the type of mobile phone system, select the corresponding version to download and install. Please select the latest version. KBH Smart Lock China

Intellectual Rental Locker APP Product Advantages Features Introduction

A new model of shared smart door lock APP. KEYWAY is a multi-lingual smart lock sub-brand, designed to allow more families to enjoy the security and convenience of smart door locks! KBH Smart Lock China

[1 yuan a day] 1 yuan / day, support Alipay, WeChat and other third-party payment methods, can be withdrawn at any time, low cost enjoyment. KBH Smart Lock China

[Smart Door Lock] Fingerprint/Password/App Multiple Open Modes, Multiple Alarms, Record Search... Smart, Safe and convenient. KBH Smart Lock China

[Multi-account sharing] Family members have multiple mobile devices and multiple accounts share door lock control permissions. KBH Smart Lock China

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Intellectual Property Locker App Registered Usage and Fees Description

Doling Technology has launched this service to enable users to experience the high-quality life services brought by smart door locks at a low cost, and its use registration is also very simple. KBH Smart Lock China

The whole experience process is very simple. Users can download the Zhi Rent Locker App through the channel. From the registration to the order and then to the scheduled installation, they can be installed on the APP. After the success, there will be professional on-site installation services. The user only needs to supervise the installation. KBH Smart Lock China

After the door lock is installed, consumers can use the APP to control the door lock, which can be used to timely check the status of the door lock and open the door record, problem consulting and other functions. The charge is 1 yuan/day. If you are not satisfied, you can return it at any time. The cost is based on the number of days of use. KBH Smart Lock China

In addition, after a certain period of time, the door lock can be owned by the user. According to the credit value rule, the credit can be used free after it is up to the requirements! KBH Smart Lock China

Note: Registering a smart rental locker APP requires binding a mobile phone number for authentication. After the application, the APP control door lock can be realized, which is very simple and easy to use. KBH Smart Lock China

The above is the answer to the questions concerning the use of smart locks and lock-in APPs published by the Chinese version of the Smart Lock China Network. Please pay attention to us for more sharing smart door lock products! KBH Smart Lock China

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