December 05, 2020

Water pipe installation pipe acceptance considerations

After watching so many decoration regrets, it can not help but have a kind of unpredictable feeling. Indeed, there is a saying in the industry that renovation is a regretful project. Decoration is not only "installed" but also "repaired." The laying of water pipes as the first step of a hidden project, if it is not well installed, the future "repair" can be more!

1, did not do the basic requirements

The laying of pipes should be rationally arranged, laid firmly and horizontally, and the switches and valves should be installed neatly. It is flexible and convenient to use. If the site is in a mess, chaosing and chaos will not only affect the appearance, but also ensure the smooth and safe use of the owners.

2, no acceptance of closure on the infinite

Hidden projects must be closed after acceptance, on the one hand you know how much to do, on the Other hand knows what to do.

For example, after slotting, the tank is not waterproofed; after the pressure test, there is no leakage, the effluent is unobstructed, the water meter operation is normal, and the water supply pipes and accessories are not tightly connected. These hidden projects cannot cause problems and problems occur. Maintenance is difficult. Therefore, regular companies pay special attention to this piece. They often have specialized hydropower construction teams responsible for installation. Special equipment testing. Some small companies and decoration teams do not have pressure testing equipment, and they often use tap water instead. Quality is difficult to guarantee.

3, waterproof is not in place

Kitchens, bathrooms need to be waterproof, do 24-hour closed-water experiments, do not leak can not do. Re-spreading or installing ware breaks the waterproofing to redo. The shower area is 1.8 meters high.

4, the floor drain does not work

The floor of the bathroom should be tilted toward the floor so that the water can flow into the floor itself without water. If the water does not flow to the floor drain, the smooth running of the water will not help.

5. Bathtub without access hole

Some decorating companies are completely blocked when installing bathtubs, which is not conducive to maintenance. Secondly, once a problem arises, it is very likely that the bathtub will be completely removed to solve the problem. Therefore, the outlet of the bathtub should be aligned with the outlet of the water pipe, and the inspection hole should be left for future inspection and maintenance.

Hydropower installation of hydropower acceptance hydropower reform hydropower stage

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