December 05, 2020

How can consumers buy safe plastic products?

There are more and more plastic products on the market, and the quality is also uneven. How can consumers buy safe plastic products? Please see below:
(1) Plastic drinking cup
1. When purchasing a drinking cup:
First look at the appearance of the package. Check whether there is a “QS” mark on the product or packaging. See if the bottle wall is transparent and pure. Generally, the inferior plastic products are not clean and sticky. If you choose not to choose a brighter color cup, the color may be added to cover up the regeneration. Harmful impurities in plastic or industrial grade materials; followed by smell, if there is a pungent smell, even if you do not unscrew the lid, you can smell it from the outside; then look at the hardness, good plastic container is thicker, Good hardness, no excessive deformation by hand to the internal pressure; in addition, you can also fill the bottle with hot water, see if the bottle is deformed, whether there is odor, and repeatedly upside down to see if it is sealed.
2. When using a plastic drinking cup:
Before using the plastic drinking cup for the first time, apply hot water for several times to remove any impurities or harmful substances that may be generated from the bottle. When the ambient temperature is low, a small amount of hot water should be added for preheating to prevent the cup from changing under severe temperature. Structural changes occur, mechanical properties deteriorate; low temperature makes plastics brittle, so it is not advisable to drop the water cup from a high place at low temperatures, and try to avoid placing the water cup in extreme environments (such as high temperature exposure or microwave heating).
(two) bottle
One is to see. Look at the information on the bottle packaging mark, including the QS mark of the bottle, the factory certificate, the name and address of the company, the material description, the method of use, and the precautions. Unqualified bottle, the bottle is black, has impurities, and the scale is not clear. Do not buy bottles with bright decorative patterns, especially pay attention to not buy bottles with bright patterns on the inside of the bottle, because the color pattern may release harmful substances and endanger the health of the child.
The second is smell. Inferior bottles are usually produced using some recycled materials. When opened, they will smell an odor and have impurities.
The third is pinch. Choose a bottle with higher hardness. The high-quality plastic will not be deformed even if it is boiled. The bottle material is very soft and the bottle is hot and easy to deform. When buying, it can be judged by hand. The bottle is not easily deformed by hand.
When using a plastic bottle, the bottle should be heated to the indoor temperature. When heating the bottle containing breast milk or formula, the temperature should not be too high. It is recommended not to use microwave heating. It is best to soak the plastic bottle several times with hot water before using it for the first time. It is not recommended to store breast milk or formula in a plastic bottle. The milk should be poured or brewed before the child drinks milk.
Possible harm caused by unqualified items
The drop performance is one of the important performance properties of the product when it simulates whether the food packaging container can protect the contents when it falls during transportation. The main reasons for the failure are two aspects. First, some enterprises cut corners in the production process, use low-quality, poor quality raw materials or recycled materials for crushing and then incorporate new materials for production; second, some small and medium-sized The enterprise process is relatively backward. The uneven parameters in the process of injection molding or blow molding of the container result in uneven thickness and stress distribution of the finished product, and finally the product drop performance is unqualified.
Sealing performance is the possibility of simulating the leakage of drinking cups and bottles during dumping and use, and is one of the important performance properties of the product. Unqualified plastic cups or bottles can cause hot drinks or milk to leak, burn or soil the user. The main reason for the unsatisfactory sealing performance is that the small enterprise process is backward, and the uneven wall thickness of the product causes the cap and the cup body to be in close contact, resulting in leakage. Some bottles are also caused by improper matching of the nipple and the lid. Some companies use poor quality gaskets that cannot seal the cup.
The residual acrylonitrile monomer in the food packaging container can migrate to the food and cause harm to the human body. The residual content of acrylonitrile monomer is highly toxic, which has mutagenicity, carcinogenicity and teratogenicity; and it can be firmly combined with red blood cells after entering the human body, resulting in accumulation in the body. In addition, acrylonitrile can cause contact. Dermatitis, manifested as erythema, herpes and desquamation. At present, China's AS raw material resin for food packaging materials does not have a corresponding national standard. Some enterprises have not tested and quality control the purchased raw materials. AS plastic bottles made of unqualified raw materials are prone to excessive acrylonitrile monomer.
Therefore, when purchasing plastic products, it is necessary to carefully distinguish whether it is safe and be a savvy consumer.

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