December 05, 2020

How to set fingerprint unlocking for smart door lock

Intelligent door lock fingerprint unlocking is considered to be one of the safest ways to unlock. Because the human fingerprint is unique, the use of fingerprint unlocking has improved the security of the door lock to a certain extent. Today Xiaobian introduces the knowledge about smart door lock fingerprint unlocking, helping everyone to set the smart door lock fingerprint unlocking method.

Smart door lock fingerprint unlocking

Smart door lock setting fingerprint unlocking steps:

Step 1: After installing the smart door lock, enter the unlock fingerprint

At this time, fingerprint collection of the smart door lock is required, and the fingerprints of all members of the home are fingerprinted according to the manual. Generally, the smart door lock has a large fingerprint storage space, which can store hundreds or even more at the same time. Fingerprint recording.

The second step: the door lock intelligent system judges the information input by the head of the household

When the head of the household uses its finger to point the fingerprint lock sensor module to press the fingerprint, the smart door lock system will photoelectrically convert the fingerprint of the head of the household, and compare the obtained data with the information in the fingerprint database.

The third step: the intelligent system makes judgments and executes commands

When the information is matched correctly, the fingerprint record is consistent with the fingerprint record of the database. If the system determines that the fingerprint is the fingerprint of the head of the household, the system allows the passage, and the result of the processing is transmitted to the door lock through the power control box to open the door, and vice versa.

The above is the introduction of the smart door lock setting fingerprint unlocking. I hope that these introductions can help you understand the smart door lock fingerprint unlocking method. In fact, smart door lock fingerprint unlocking is convenient and fast, and it is a reliable way to unlock.

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