December 05, 2020

[Real Time] 蓄 砥砺 蓄 蓄 记 记 记

Since February of this year, with the support of customers from all over the country, the monthly sales of Techtronics once exceeded 57 percent year-on-year. In order to complete the customer's shipping requirements in a timely manner, the production department has continuously worked over 130 days in the first two quarters.

In order to allow employees to work better and provide better services to customers, on June 24, the company organized all employees to go to Liyang to carry out mission construction activities, to release their feelings and release themselves!


Early in the morning, under the leadership of the company’s leaders Chen Zhan, Chen Zongjun, and Huang Changchang, we took a backpack and started a practice tour of Xiangyang, where all Sichongs said they would leave.

In the morning, we came to the Xijiachi scenic spot on the south side of the Fenghuang Mountain in Xiangyang, where the scenery was pleasant and the colleagues walked, fished and photographed. It was like a family.

After a good lunch, in the afternoon, he visited Tangcheng, the largest film and television base in central China. This was a shooting venue for a number of costume dramas that completely restored ancient life scenes. Watching the scene in the TV appears as if it were passing through.

Through this zip-up exercise, the communication and coordination among department personnel has been strengthened, and the cohesiveness of the teams helping each other to help each other has fully demonstrated the overall combat effectiveness of the company and the determination of the company to strive toward common goals.


The achievements of the company's success today are undoubtedly derived from the trust and support that customers have always had in these seventeen years. We have always forgotten our hearts and gratitude to our customers. We hope that we will join hands together. In the next seventeen years, we will continue to innovate and create brilliant achievements.

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