October 29, 2020

DTH mechanics abandon you to lose, win old thinking and seek win-win


Towards a community of destiny, we must adhere to win-win cooperation and common development. A friend from Southeast Asia said that "the water is high and the lotus is high". African friends say "Lonely is fast, the public is far away", European friends say "a tree can't stop the cold wind", the Chinese say "the big river has a small river full of water, the small river has a big river full". All these are all justified. Only cooperation and win-win can do big things, do good things, and do long-term things. We must abandon the zero-sum game, the old thinking that you lose and win, establish a new concept of win-win and win-win, and take into account the interests of others while pursuing their own interests, and promote common development when seeking their own development.

In fact, the concept of cooperation and win-win is not only applicable between countries and regions, but also more suitable for enterprises. In the field of rigs/deep hole impactors, the expression of warmth and warmth of the group is constantly mentioned, but there are very few examples of success. Talking about cooperation and mutual benefit, and warming up the group, it is also the common difficulty between manufacturers and their agents and dealers. There are few cooperation between manufacturers and manufacturers.

In fact, looking at the local markets, whether it is Xuzhou, Changzhou, Changsha, Jining, Liuzhou, Tianjin six rigs / DTH industrial cluster base, or Hubei, Xinjiang, Anhui are creating unique industrial clusters, or everywhere The rig/dipper impactor industrial park, the rig/deep hole impactor trading center, the rig/deep hole impactor chamber, etc., which have been established one after another, are all in order to warm up and fight against the downturn of the market. The ultimate goal is to establish a socialized public service system and build a display and display of the rig/dipper impactor machine and parts by establishing a bridge and link between the government and enterprises, enterprises and enterprises, and enterprises and users. The platform forms a whole industry with common interests, thus uniting and leading the rig/deep hole impactor industry enterprises to achieve complementary advantages, resource sharing, group development, and win-win cooperation.

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