October 29, 2020

Building a smart home theater, you must know this knowledge

Smart Home Theater is the perfect combination of intelligent home and digital home theater, and realizes audio-visual entertainment automation through Internet of Things technology. Enjoy the thrill of private digital home theater with ease of use and even no need for human-controlled automatic operation. Smart home theaters can meet individual needs and can be built according to personal preferences. Today Xiaobian shares some knowledge you must know about building a smart home theater.

Smart home theater

To build a smart home theater, you need to know the three aspects of knowledge:

1, use occasions

As a video and audio system, smart home theater needs to have a place to be placed. Whether it is living room, bedroom, study or basement, different environments have different requirements for equipment. The open and closed space effect needs us to consider. If it is a public event venue, it is based on a wide and simple system. The independent space can be carefully arranged. The equipment needs a perfect match to achieve the best results.

2, size

The size of the audiovisual area is closely related to how the equipment is selected and matched. Small rooms are best not to use large speakers, big rooms do not use small LCD TVs, this is the basic common sense of optional equipment. Generally speaking, the enclosed space of more than 18 square meters can be projected, and the audio-visual room of more than 50 square meters will let you take out a large amount of equipment to purchase funds, but also have good acoustic treatment, of course, the effect is small. The room is hard to reach. However, there is no absolute matter. If the equipment is carefully selected and the room characteristics are adjusted, even if it is only 10 square meters, it can also play a good effect.

3, space, acoustic processing

Basic acoustic rules we need to follow, such as not having too many, too large glass windows, cabinets, not too thin bookcases, etc. They are all sound killers, especially for low frequencies, such an environment is completely disaster, how Not reasonable. Carpets, sofas, coffee tables, hanging pictures, curtains, etc. are all good props for tuning. The environment of spreading, absorbing and other treatments is definitely much better than the four walls. In addition, if the upper screen projection, in addition to strict shading treatment, the room color should not be too bright, too much reflective.

The above is the knowledge that you need to know about building a smart home theater introduced by Xiaobian. I hope that these introductions can help you understand the smart cinema. In fact, with the smart home theater, we don't need to find a movie, and the most popular and hottest Hollywood movies can be watched without the traditional cumbersome operation. As long as the equipment is complete, you can start watching immediately.

Steel Roller Rigid Solid Body Centralizer

1. Type: Rigid Casing Centralizer with Rollers

2. Material: Cast steel, Nylon, Aluminum, Zinc Alloy

3. Standard: API, or others as required
4. Specifications: 4 1/2''--- 20'', or others as required

1) Change slipping friction to rolling friction to reduce the friction and let casing go to desired position smoothly;
2) Remove wellbore cake and improve mud replacement efficiency;
3) Provide superior wear resistance;
4) Remain functional throughout the life of well;
5) Be able to aid in casing/tubing retrieval;
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8) High pressure and high temperature resistance with high quality material.
Rigid centralizers can be installed on the casing with Stop Collars or with integral set screws. Installations that allow casing rotation and reciprocation are preferred because of improved displacement efficiency. Most slip-on rigid centralizers must be installed between stop collars and are freely floating there.

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