October 29, 2020

Baoyuan Plate Lecture Hall: From Ecological Board to Malacca Plate

Baoyuan plate information:

Furniture plates, whether consumers or furniture manufacturers are looking for eco-board, and for the term eco-board, many consumers do not understand what exactly refers to the plate. In fact, in terms of national policies, there is no standard definition of eco-board, but in the board industry, eco-board has almost a consistent view.

Eco-board, which originated after the domestic board products were pasted with melamine-coated paper, generally refers to the board whose core material is a blockboard, and then melamine-coated paper is pasted. In fact, for the same multi-layered paper board can also be called.

For eco-board core material - Blockboard. There are also different titles. In some areas, the name is Daxin board, and some are wood board. The multi-layer board, also has a variety of different names, plywood, solid wood multi-layer board.

Since it comes to the type of plate and call it. What are the Ou Song and Ao Song boards in the market? In fact, due to the wide distribution of pine wood around the world, whether it is in Europe or Australia, the Ou Song board and the Australian pine board are the boards produced from the pine materials imported from various regions. However, they are generally medium density boards, and some are low density boards.

Finally, we must mention the Malacca plate. What is Malacca plate? This is a kind of imported wood plate. Its material is soft and low density, and it is mostly blockboard. In the first few years after entering the country, due to its easy processing characteristics, it was very popular in the domestic sheet metal market. However, with the accumulation of time, the shortcomings are also serious, including nail strength is not as good as other products, the use of years, etc., making the current plate manufacturers in the country are no longer produced.

How to select the most suitable product for home decoration in a variety of sheet types is a process in which every consumer needs to learn conscientiously.

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