October 29, 2020

Hardware interpretation: Do not know the classification of home door locks!

The history of locks is very long and is basically born at the same time as private ownership. After thousands of years of development, locks have evolved from simple latches and wooden locks to the now common spring locks, electronic locks, and so on. I believe that with the advancement of technology, more and more secure locks will continue to emerge. So at this stage, what are the locks we can choose? Let's take a look at it first.

1, the general classification of common locks

Many locks have been eliminated due to their low security, and they are likely to be seen in museums. Nowadays, the more common locks are divided into two types: marble mechanical locks and electronic smart locks. The pin lock is the most commonly used lock in the world. The smart lock is a new type of lock that emerges with the development of electronics and other technologies. It is the direction of future lock development, and the market share is constantly increasing.



Xiao Bian reminds: There is no absolute security lock in the world. The anti-locking and unlocking technology is like a spear and a shield. Both are constantly developing and developing. The mechanical lock feels more practical and the price is lower; the smart lock is the development direction of modern social locks, with high safety and convenient operation, but at the same time there are some disadvantages. When consumers choose, they need to consider after considering many aspects. Choose.

2, the introduction of the marble lock

Mechanical locks are not just a type of marble lock, except that most mechanical locks currently use a bullet lock structure. A plurality of holes are radially distributed on the surface of the pin lock cylinder, and the holes correspond to the holes in the lock body and ensure the necessary concentricity. These holes are loaded with the upper and lower rows of cylindrical pins, namely the upper and lower marbles. In general, the upper marble in the lock body hole is inserted into the lock core hole, or the lower marble in the lock core is inserted into the lock body hole, so that the lock core cannot be arbitrarily rotated.

After the pin lock is inserted by the correct key, since the key pitch and the pinhole corresponding to the depth of the pin correspond to the length of the lower pin, the contact surface of the upper pin and the lower pin coincides with the contact surface of the lock core and the lock body. The lock cylinder can be freely rotated, and the mechanism is driven to realize the switching action.

3, smart lock introduction

Smart lock refers to a lock that is more intelligent in terms of user identification, security, and management than traditional mechanical locks. Smart locks are made using electronic technology, integrated circuit design, a large number of electronic components, and a variety of innovative identification technologies.

Smart lock product classification

Password lock: unlock by password, which can be divided into mechanical password lock and keyboard password lock;

IC card lock: It is divided into contact IC card lock and non-contact type. Contact type locks the card lock, and the internal card reader of the chip lock contacts the non-contact type. This process is not needed, and only the card and the lock card reader are required to be close together;

Electromagnetic lock: It is made by applying electromagnetic principle. The electromagnetic force is up to several hundred kilograms. Under the locked state, the average person can't open it. Deadly point, it is impossible to close the door after power failure, so it is generally used in the gate door that is guarded by the person, and the door for the room needs to be used with the mechanical lock;

Bio-lock: With the development of biometric technology, fingerprint locks, palm print locks, retina recognition locks, etc. have emerged.

The current smart locks mainly include password locks, induction locks, and bio locks. As the product matures, smart locks gradually begin to enter a large number of ordinary people.

Smart locks the biggest security hole

Smart locks generally require electricity or batteries to work, and in the event of a power outage, the smart lock cannot be opened or closed. Therefore, the state stipulates that civilian intelligent locks should be equipped with emergency mechanical keys, and the product quality specifications are based on the "People's Republic of China Public Safety Industry Standards (GA701-2007)". The emergency key is generally an ordinary mechanical bullet lock, so the smart lock can also be technically opened, and the safety is correspondingly reduced.

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