October 29, 2020

There are six taboos for storing rice in winter.

There are many varieties of mixed rice in different varieties. The growth period of different varieties is long and short, and the sowing period is early and late. If mixed together, it is easy to mistake the sowing date and affect the yield of rice. Different varieties should be stored in separate storage or in separate bags, and the varieties should be marked.

The water content warning line for safe storage of rice seeds with high water content is 12.5~13%. If the water content is too high, the respiration of rice seeds during storage is enhanced, which is prone to heat and mildew, rot and deterioration, which will reduce the germination rate of seeds.

The three bogey are placed directly on the ground. No matter what container is used to pack rice seeds, the rice seeds cannot be placed directly on the ground. Under normal circumstances, the ground is relatively moist, and the rice seeds placed directly on the ground are prone to mildew due to moisture, which also reduces the germination rate of the seeds.

If the fumes are fumigated during the storage period, if they are fumigated by the smoke for a long time, the germination rate of the rice seeds will be reduced, and the growth of the seedlings will be affected.

Five bogey and pesticides and fertilizers mixed with pesticides and fertilizers have volatile characteristics. If they are mixed with seeds, they will cause seed poisoning, and the vitality of seeds will be greatly reduced.

Six bogey does not turn over the rice for a long time. It is easy to absorb the moisture in the air. If it is not turned over for a long time, it will cause fever and mildew, and it will be vulnerable to insects.

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