December 05, 2020

Common sprayer accessories purchase skills

Henan Hao Li sprayer manufacturers share some commonly used sprayer accessories to buy skills, I hope to buy mortar accessories for everyone to help. Commonly used sprayer accessories are: shotcreting machine steel liner, shotcreting machine rubber board, shotcrete machine chamber, shotcrete machine nozzle, shotcrete machine nozzle seat, spray gun spray pipe, spray gun elbow, Shotcrete sleeve, spray press mechanism, shotcrete rotor body, spray motor gear, shotcrete hopper seat, spray machine cyclone, shotcrete spray pipe quick connection and so on.
Commonly used sprayer accessories to buy tips 1, spray steel liner lining machine steel liner in the purchase should pay attention to the sealing of the upper and lower wear, due to wear faster, so when selecting the steel liner, Be sure to pay attention to whether the product is made of high manganese steel or stainless steel because both materials have high wear resistance.
2. The quality of the sealing plate and the product process must be taken into account when purchasing the rubber plate of the sprayer rubber pad. Quality can be seen by careful observation, poor quality rubber sheet shows that there are pits, pits, naked eyes do not pay attention to observation is difficult to find, this low-quality rubber production of rubber sheet will lead to poor sealing effect, resulting in spray gun Decline in work efficiency and increase related costs.
3, spray gun spray pipe spray gun spray gun when buying should be asked whether the manufacturer is made of highly wear-resistant synthetic rubber and nano-materials, and observe the shot pipe cut surface to observe the inner and outer layer to see if it is used The steel wire reinforced layer and the corrosion-resistant outer rubber layer. If you are in compliance, you can purchase it with confidence.
4, spray nozzles in the purchase of spray nozzles, polyurethane wear should be made of high wear-resistant nozzle, the overall color is generally yellow transparent type, through the light can be observed outside the crystal clear translucent, indicating that the texture is good, Should also pay attention to the flexibility of the nozzle, these details of the problem at the time of purchase, should be clear to the manufacturer before buying.
5, spray cone cone sleeve mortar sleeve generally made of polyurethane material, with wear, compression, not easy to break, etc., in the purchase of the sleeve, hand light folding to see whether the crease at the break Small seams, if present, indicate that the product is of poor quality and has poor wear resistance. It is not recommended to purchase this type of product. When the high-quality taper sleeve is lightly folded by hand, the creases will not appear small slits, and the creases will gradually disappear after reverting and will not be deformed.

Tech. Parameter:


• Title OSD: Supports channel name, date, and video stream information overlay;

• Privacy Mask: 4 configurable regions

• Image Orientation: image flip and mirror

• Auto Exposure Control (AEC); Auto White Balance (AWB); Auto Band Filter (ABF)

• Auto Black Level Calibration (ABLC)


• ONVIF protocols: Support 2.0 Version

• Remote View: IE 6.0 or later, Firefox, chrome

• Network Interface: 10/100M BASE-TX,RJ-45 connector


General Specifications:

• Operating Temperature: -20 Â°C ~ 50 Â°C (-4 Â°F ~ 122 Â°F)

• Operating Humidity: 0% -85% RH

• Power:    48V PoE or 12V DC

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