October 29, 2020

How to do a wall moldy 3 great tricks to teach you to solve the problem of moldy walls

In the rainy season, many places in the south will be very humid, like many small drops of water on the walls of the walls. After a long time, the walls are easy to mold. Take Shenzhen for example, it is close to the beach, and it rains every other day in spring, like furniture, clothes, walls are easy to mold, and spread from a small area to a large area, there is a smell. The furniture is moldy. We can dry the sun and let the sun dry. The clothes are moldy. We can re-wash the sun. What should we do with the latex paint on the wall ? Do you know how to handle it? Come together and Xiao Bian understand it!

What to Do on the Moldy Wall--Cause

First of all, let's understand the reasons for the mildew. From the basics, it may be that the construction is done too fast during the renovation process. If the wall has not dried out yet, it will continue construction. There is the quality of the latex paint, but the final step is Caused by wet weather. In general, mold is difficult to remove completely, and the area will slowly spread. It is really annoying.

What to Do on the Moldy Wall - Solution One

When we first start to find moldy spots on the walls, we can use a dry toothbrush to brush a brush at the moldy site, and then use a rag to dip in some alcohol to wipe the walls. This will keep the walls clean and prevent mold. regeneration.

What to Do on the Moldy Wall-- Solution 2

We can use the bleach white and water commonly used in our home to match the ratio of 1:99, and spray the cleaned detergent on the wall. Wipe it with a rag first and then wash it again with clean water. Or other fungicides can also be washed, and finally on a layer of paint to prevent moisture .

What to Do on the Moldy Wall-- Solution 3

There is also a more direct way to clean the original wall and then repaint it with a layer of paint. Remember to dry completely before proceeding with the next step. |

Xiaobian's words: If the wall is moldy, repair is very important, but prevention is more important. If you are in a place where there is a lot of wet weather, try to open windows as little as possible during the southerly days of the rainy season and place some desiccant boxes or desiccants at home. Don't wait until you start moldy before you regret it. The wall mold will not only affect the beauty of our home, but it will also be bad for our health. If we live in a moldy environment for a long time, it will easily cause respiratory diseases. The above is a brief introduction of Xiao Bian's how to deal with mildew on the wall . I hope to help everyone.

What to do with latex paint on the wall

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