October 29, 2020

Brief analysis of how security monitoring is applied to community security

Community security development strategy

At present, community security is faced with the impact of national real estate regulation, foreign investment in mergers and acquisitions, the promotion of new security technologies and the trend of community security integration operations. Domestic security enterprises are faced with adjustments in development models. In this environment of internal and external troubles, through the merger and integration of relevant enterprises involved in the parking management system and video surveillance system in the community security field, resources, market and personnel are optimized, and economies of scale and scope are fully utilized. Thereby effectively reducing costs, increasing revenue, enhancing efficiency, and enhancing comprehensive competitiveness. In terms of marketing business, the company will greatly increase the construction speed of its direct sales outlets, increase the number of sales outlets, and enhance the coverage of product sales.

In the sales model, the use of strategic group procurement, headquarters direct sales and other types of sales to significantly improve marketing efficiency and efficiency. In terms of services, the introduction of operational service models, the construction of operational service outlets, fully reflects the low-cost advantages of scale effect and scope economic effects. In terms of management, by strengthening the management functions of the headquarters and creating conditions for the professionalization and standardization of business management, the management personnel, through a reasonable division of labor, perform their duties and perform their duties, so that their professional expertise can be fully utilized.

Community security overall solution composition and function

Anjubao community security overall solution is mainly composed of building intercom system, home anti-theft alarm system, intelligent parking lot management system, video monitoring system, access control system, transmission cable and community security integrated management platform.

The home burglar alarm system includes an integrated home burglar alarm system and an independent home alarm system. The integrated home alarm system is integrated in the security type indoor extension in the building intercom system. Various anti-theft alarm probes are connected through the wired/wireless zone interface of the indoor extension, and the indoor extension transmits the alarm signal to the building intercom system line. Community security integrated management platform; Anjubao independent burglar alarm system is a set of information system designed for alarm operation service, providing alarm processing on the communication platform composed of wireless network, mobile data network and public switched telephone network.

Intelligent parking lot management system integrates RF card technology, automatic control technology, video technology, audio technology, sensing technology, etc., using computer network as the management platform, using vehicle sensors, entrance and exit controllers, display screens, automatic receiving/issuing machines, electric Software and hardware devices such as gates and cameras are used to manage vehicles entering and leaving the parking lot.

The video security monitoring system uses the camera to transmit video signals to the display, control and recording devices through the transmission line, and is composed of front-end signal acquisition devices, local transmission devices, local display devices, local control devices, and remote control devices.

The access control system consists of a contactless card reader integrated in each door host or a separate contactless reader and access controller installed on the garage and unit door, a transmission network and access control management software. The access control system automatically recognizes the access control system. Technology and safety management measures are integrated to achieve access control and management functions for people and things.

The community security integrated management platform is the core of the overall community security solution. It is a combination of integrated computer IP video technology, video and audio data compression and decompression processing technology, and Internet application technology. It integrates subsystems into the same computer support platform through a distributed computer network, and establishes a central monitoring and management interface for the entire community. Through a visual and unified web graphics window interface, system administrators can be very convenient and fast. The system implements monitoring, control, and management functions for the integrated functional subsystems and corresponding lower-level functional systems within the community.

The community security overall solution can realize visual intercom function, home alarm function, access control system function, video monitoring function, intelligent parking function and community security integrated management platform function. The community security integrated management platform can realize the building intercom system. Management, management of home burglar alarm system, management of intelligent parking system, management of intelligent video surveillance system, management of access control system and management of electronic patrol system.

Community Security Total Solution Advantage System Compatibility Advantage

Integrate the community security related industries to form a set of community security overall solutions, fully realize the agreement between the various subsystems, standard and unified, so the various subsystems are compatible with each other.

Functional application advantage

The community security integrated and management platform is used as the management center, and each subsystem is managed through the same platform to realize resource sharing and information exchange among various community security subsystems. In this way, linkage and joint control between different systems and even multiple systems can be realized, and various functions and applications break through the original bottlenecks and are expanded infinitely.

service advantage

Traditional community security is usually composed of different brands of different manufacturers. In the pre-sale, sale and after-sales service, it is necessary to seek assistance from different service teams of different manufacturers, which wastes a lot of manpower and material resources. The various products in the community security are unified brands, saving a lot of manpower and material resources, thereby reducing unnecessary waste.

Cost advantage
The cost advantages of the overall community security solution are mainly reflected in equipment costs, management costs and service costs. Due to the economies of scale and economic effects of the scale, the cost of community security equipment is effectively controlled, and the cost advantage of equipment is highlighted. The management cost is mainly reflected in the number of bidding and personnel management, and the overall package sales of community security equipment. It directly reduces the number of bids by the user, and facilitates the deployment of management personnel by the user. Therefore, the management cost is effectively controlled. The same service team is used to complete the same service work in the service cost, which is different from different manufacturers. In terms of service teams, service costs are effectively controlled and service cost advantages are obvious.

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