October 29, 2020

The three principles of water purifier purchase help you choose the ideal water purifier

In recent years, high chlorine residues, sediments, and strong bleaching powder have brought troubles to Chinese families. The appearance of water purifiers, like long-term drought and rain, has brought a healthy drinking water environment to the majority of families. However, how to purchase a high quality and low price water purifier has gradually become a concern of the majority of friends. Xiaobian Xiaobian gives you a brief introduction:

First, choose a brand when choosing a water purifier, try to choose some professional brands to do water purification, because their research and development, design, manufacturing will be more professional, the product is more reliable. For example, the Gemei brand in the industry, this is a professional manufacturer of water purification products, with its own research and development institutions and processing centers.

Second, the key lies in the filtration technology Currently, the household water purifiers on the market mainly include reverse osmosis water purifiers and ultrafiltration water purifiers; as the name suggests, the two technologies used are ro reverse osmosis technology and ultrafiltration membrane technology. In general, the water purified by reverse osmosis technology is healthier and can be directly consumed. The corresponding ultrafiltration membrane can only filter large particles, such as sediment and colloid, which cannot be effectively filtered for tiny particles such as bacteria. In principle, ultrafiltration membrane purified water is not recommended for direct drinking.

Third, understand the relevant qualifications of the manufacturers. There are many brands of water purifiers. Some brands do not have the qualifications and capabilities to produce water purifiers. Most of their water purifiers are inferior products produced by OEMs. Therefore, when we purchase a water purifier, we must pay attention to the relevant qualifications and wading approvals, such as the “Test Report” and the “Sanitary License for Drinking Water Hygiene and Safety Products” issued by the national designated wading product testing department.

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