September 20, 2020

Handlocked parts analysis and purchase

Handlocked parts analysis and purchase

At present, there is a wide range of styles in terms of handle lock market. Caused many consumers to be confused in the purchase, because it is difficult to discern the quality of the lock only from the appearance of the lock. However, if we identify from the internal structure of the handle lock, we can only purchase the better handle lock.

1. Handle - Handle, also known as door handle, is made of zinc alloy, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, wood, ceramics, etc. Nowadays, door handles commonly used in the market are all aluminum alloys. The zinc alloy material is Lord, due to its excellent plasticity, can be designed into a variety of shapes, colors, and can also do some special styling on the top, according to customer demand can be made on the hands of a beautiful totem modeling.

2, the panel - from the panel length and width of the lock is divided into door locks or door locks, so when purchasing, the panel is also a very important factor. The size of the door panel is not the same. According to the size of the opening of the wooden door, the lock is selected. Before the purchase, we must also determine the thickness of the door in the house. The general thickness of the door is 38-45mm, and the special thickened door requires a special door lock.

3, lock body - lock body is the core of a lock, is the key part and the core part, generally divided into single tongue lock body and double tongue lock body. The basic composition is: five parts of the shell, main parts, liners, door clasps, plastic boxes and screw fittings. The materials used in the five parts are also different. The lock body shell is generally made of iron galvanized plate, no plating; the main body is generally made of zinc alloy and high-quality iron; the liner is made of stainless steel and copper, many brands have a company logo here; door clasp is Made of stainless steel, stainless iron and copper. The quality of the lock body often determines the performance of the entire lock and is very important. Many customers often pay attention to the appearance of the panel while ignoring the choice of the lock body.

4, lock core - the lock cylinder is the main part of the control lock is open, is the heart of the lock, refers to the key with the matching can rotate and drive the core movement of the lock bolt, generally divided into large gourd, small gourd, false gourd, angle spoon Five locks series. The material and process of the lock cylinder have a great influence on the lock. The lock core of the mortise lock generally adopts a marble structure. The more marbles, the more the anti-theft, the first one marble and the last marble are the The role of positioning, the middle of the marbles when coding, the more the ball in the middle, the lower the open rate. The new generation of lock cylinders has a special structure of anti-theft and anti-drilling, such as the B-level C-level procurement of double-sided internal milling and is an ideal security lock core.

5, accessories - accessories is an organic composition of the lock, we all know a reason, the embankment of thousands of miles, collapsed in the ant hole. A small accessory will destroy a precision machine, and the same gadget inside the lock is also very important.

 Plastic Net 

The plastic net including Plastic Flat NetPlastic Slope Protection Net, slope greening vegetation net, plastic breeding fence net, plastic plant support net, plastic anti-bird/insect nets, plastic filter net, etc. 

The texture of material :PE/ PV/ PP + UV anti-acid and alkali , anti aging, corrosion resistance .

Color : transparent, white, silvery grey, green, black, etc. It's can be do as per customer's requirement.

Main uses: slope protection, greening and vegetation, crops plants supporting, anti bird and insects, breeding fence, building, internal and external wall coating lining nets, buried line warning logo, etc.

The advantages of plastic net :

solid structure

easy to set up

economic for applying

high stengthand stretching

creepage resistance, aging resistance

stable performance

impact resistance

The plastic net is ideal choice for production of new composite materials .

plastic net

Plastic Net

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