September 20, 2020

Shower installation steps What are the benefits of shower

Nowadays, people have higher and higher requirements for the bathroom. It is very practical to install a shower room in the bathroom and it has become a kind of fashion. However, choosing a shower room not only allows us to enjoy the pleasure of the shower, but also to avoid the frequent cleaning caused by dirty water spills, so under the premise of having a warm function, we should pay more attention to the effect of wet and dry distinction. Then, Xiaobian will introduce you to the installation steps of the shower room and the benefits of the shower room.

Shower installation steps

1, ready to use the necessary tools.

2, the installation of the bottom basin: ready for the bottom box parts, adjust the level of the bottom basin to ensure that there is no water in the basin and the pelvic floor. The hose can be telescopically stretched to connect the pelvic floor with the floor drain.

3, test, protection: After installing, etc. to test the water, so as to ensure unobstructed sewer. Finding and punching holes: Use a pencil and a level rule to determine the drilling position of the aluminum material against the wall, and use the impact drill to drill holes.

4. Install aluminum: Inject rubber into the hole and lock the aluminum bar to the wall with screws.

5, fixed glass: The glass clamped locked in the bottom hole and then screwed.

6, the installation of the top tube: can be drilled in the fixed glass position, with a fixed seat to connect the top tube, with a curved sleeve to be fixed to the top of the glass.

7. Secure device rack: When installing the device rack, tighten the plate nut and fix the plate glass to maintain vertical and horizontal. Pay attention to waterproofing under fixed glass aluminum.

8, install the door: When installing the hardware, the hinges should be fixed, after installation, adjust the position of the shaft, to the best feeling of closing.

9, do a good job of waterproofing: it is best to install waterproof rubber strips on the side or below. Seam the aluminum with the wall, the glass and the bottom pot joint seam tightly with silicone.

10, finishing work: In order to ensure the appearance of clean and generous, to decorate the aluminum strip into the wall of aluminum, and finally need to use a rag to wipe the entire shower room clean.

What are the benefits of shower

1, shower room is equivalent to have a separate space, so that people in the bath, other people want to be convenient when it is possible, and the shower room has a sense of security, but also does not affect each other, convenient daily life.

2. The area of ​​the general family bathroom is relatively small. If the bathtub is installed in the bathroom, it wastes a lot of space, and when it is bathed, it wastes a lot of water, which is inconsistent with the energy saving, environment, and thrifty lifestyle that we advocate. In other words, the bathroom in many homes cannot install a bathtub due to its small size. If you install a shower room, you can save space and save a lot of water.

3. In order to ensure the separation of the bathroom from wet and dry, it is necessary to install a shower room so that when people take a shower, the water will not splash outside the shower room, so the wet and dry separation can be achieved.

4, shower room in the winter when the shower can play a good role in warm, water vapor gathered in a limited space, the heat will not quickly lose, in which the bath is both warm and convenient, but also play a certain savings effect. Winter bathing If the bathroom is large and there is no shower room, even if there is heating, it often feels cold.

Editor's summary: The shower room installation steps and the benefits of the shower room are introduced here, and I hope to help everyone. If you want to know more about yourself, you can follow the information on this site.

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